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I am Archana Vasudevan, I learnt Carnatic vocal music from various gurus in India, from a very young age. I have rendered various stage performances at local community events and temples, and been a vocalist in my college orchestra band. I taught Carnatic music and Bhajans to young kids in the community. During my post graduate studies in the US, I continued to volunteer and organize various cultural events, and helped train kids for music and dance performances.

Bala-Laya – Vocal Carnatic music lessons is for kids (ages up to 16)*, the goal is to enrich kids by introducing them to classical Carnatic music and providing a sound vocal training through series of progressive practices. Thus creating a pathway to connect with our rich tradition and culture.

*These are small group sessions, and students will meet once a week for 1 hour duration. Though these are group sessions, emphasis will be placed on individual development.

My love and passion for Carnatic music combined with a genuine interest to teach kids has culminated in the creation of ‘Bala-Laya’. I am very thankful to Chinmaya Mission to have provided me an opportunity and platform to pursue my interest.


May 13 2019
Bala-Laya Carnatic


Bala-Laya Carnatic