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Established in the year 2002, Chrysaalis I-Maths India Pvt. Ltd is a premier institution in the field of Thinking Skills Development for school children, with an ambitious project of revolutionizing the process of learning mathematics from the preschool stage onwards. The focus is on providing curriculum that is designed in accordance with the way a young child understands and learns mathematics. It redefines mathematics and attempts to view it in the broadest perspective and aims to take it beyond mere operations or calculations. Chrysaalis strives to remove the fear of math that is rampant among students by establishing sound concepts at the preschool level itself. Chrysaalis is present in 280 + locations in India and train close 10,000 + students every year.

The Structure of the Program:

i-Maths Level 1 – Student 4 years onwards

i-Maths Level 2 – Student 5 years onwards

i-Maths Level 3 – Student 7 years onwards

Smart Steps Level 1 – Student 8 years onwards

Smart Steps Level 2 – Student 8 years onwards

Each level – has 2 semesters each of 5 months covering 2 books

Frequency & Duration of the Class – Student comes one time a week for 2 hours.

Total number of sessions – 40 sessions

Total number of teaching hours – 80 hours


May 13 2019
Chrysaalis I-Maths


Chrysaalis I-Maths
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