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Chess classes are starting on September 8th, 2019.

Coach Details

Coach Bill Moore has administered chess clubs and coached scholastic chess in Fairfax County and Loudoun County for the past 20 years. Coach Moore’s teams have won multiple local and Virginia State Chess Championships and have competed very well at the national level. Several of his students have won Individual State and National Chess Championships. All three of his sons are chess players and graduated from Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (TJHSST).

Other helping hands: International Master Praveen Balakrishnan, National Master Quentin Moore and Shashank Nadimpalli and CSLC Volunteers.

International Master Praveen Balakrishnan is the 2017 and 2018 High School National Champion and is the current Virginia State Champion. Master Praveen also won US Cadet Championship in 2016 and has represented the USA in world youth chess tournaments in Greece, Slovenia, South Africa and Canada. He is a junior at TJHSST and is going to assist coach Bill Moore in the Intermediate / Advanced classes.

Seven-time Virginia Scholastic Champion National Master Quentin Moore will run Blitz Chess Tournaments for the intermediate and advanced classes. Master Quentin graduated from TJHSST in 2012 and the University of Virginia in 2016 with dual degrees in Computer Science and Economics.

One of Coach Moore’s long-time students, Shashank Nadimpalli, assists with a wide variety of duties at all levels of our chess classes. He has just started a successful chess club at his middle school.

Class Details

All Students get online Chess Kid account when they are registered (value of $50).

We are looking forward to:

  • Creating a fun environment for students to enjoy the game of chess,
  • Providing chess instruction and time for students to play against their peers,
  • Building self-esteem,
  • Increasing attention span and problem-solving skills,
  • Showing the importance of planning,
  • Maintaining an over-the-board chess ladder,
  • Monitoring online chess ratings in for all club members, and
  • Encouraging players to participate in local chess tournaments


Beginner :

Our 10-week Beginners Class introduces the students to the chess pieces and basic rules of the game. Beginning players start with only the pawns, but quickly progress to playing with the full complement of pieces. Coach Moore’s lessons are reinforced by the exercises offered within each student’s free 12-month gold membership to After completion of the Beginners Class, students are ready to enroll (price will be prorated) in the Intermediate Class.

We guarantee to teach basic level of chess within 10 weeks to progress to the next level.


For this group, Coach Moore uses an assortment of instructive chess puzzles to hone the students’ tactical skills. Each lesson is normally comprised of two or three progressively more challenging chess puzzles. Students in the Intermediate Class will be paired against one another for the second half of each class to practice what they have learned. Coach Moore will attempt to pair similarly talented students against each other to get the most out of these games. Students in this class will be encouraged to take advantage of their free 12-month gold membership to where they can practice by playing other students in a safe instructive environment.


For this group, Coach Moore presents a Master-level game from history to the students each week. We will cover a number of different players and Openings. I will also provide background on the players as well as the time period and location of the game (the students will get a chess, history, and geography lesson all in one). Students will play “Fast Chess” and games on and their progress will be monitored according to their success in these games. Timed games will be played in class and and a “Chess Class Ladder” will be maintained by the coach.

Intermediate / Advanced Class Schedule & Fee

Intermediate and Advanced groups are combined for the class, they sit in two different groups and coach provides the class to cater both the groups. Instruction time and play time is split equally.

Schedule : 1hr 30 mins class for 30 weeks starting Sept 2019 until May 2020. We follow FCPS school calendar for holidays and inclement weather.

Fee: $470 , if joined in the mid of the year, fee is pro rated for the remaining number of classes. Cancellation fee is $30.

Early Registration fee until 09/08/2019 is $420.

Intermediate / Advanced – Session 1 : Sunday 2:30 PM to 4:00 PM

Intermediate / Advanced – Session 2 : Sunday 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM

Maximum number of students in each session is 40. CSLC has right to cancel the class and refund if there are not enough participants for the program.

Beginner Class Schedule & Fee

Beginner classes are taught by CSLC volunteers with a ratio of 1(volunteer) : 2 (students) under the guidence of Coach Moore.

Schedule : 1hr class for 10 weeks starting Sept 2019 until May 2020. Students can join for the class anytime during the academic year. We follow FCPS school calendar for holidays and inclement weather. Three different sessions are offered for this class.

Beginner – Session 1 : Sunday 3:15 PM to 4:15 PM

Beginner – Session 2 : Sunday 4:15 PM to 5:15 PM

Fee: $120 , Cancellation fee is $30.

Maximum number of students in each session is 10. CSLC has right to cancel the class and refund if there are not enough participants for the program.

Coach Moore’s approach to teaching (not just chess) is to encourage students to enjoy the learning process. If that can be accomplished, the rest is easy. Please register today – you and your child will not regret it!

Interesting facts: Chess is one of the world’s oldest games with origins in 6th-century India. Chess came to America with the first Spanish explorers, but there is little or no record of it in the colonies until the 18th century. There are more books written on chess than on all other games combined.


May 13 2019
CSLC Chess Classes


CSLC Chess Classes