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Meri Sanskriti, founded by Amruta Panth is an Indian Cultural Academy. The mission of Meri Sanskriti is to empower people to embrace their heritage & culture in a western world. I believe that we have one of the most unique and extravagant cultures “ Meri ‘Adbhut’ Sanskriti”, that should be carried on by our future generations. However a current problem I find is that kids are unsure of how to be Indian in America, not being too Indian or too American. My mission to empower people to embrace our culture together while living a western world. I also understand that as much as a parent may tell their child to do certain things and teach them about why culture is important, “kids are kids!” which is why we have a mentorship program in place for kids to not just learn about Indian culture, but learn how to embrace it being an Indian-American child and meet other young adult Indian-Americans who are just like them emphasizing the same values. One main aspect which I intend to highlight, is the basis of Sanatana Dharma which is to love all serve all and respect all paths. To highlight how India’s biggest unifying factor is the unity in diversity. Our ability to fully embrace our own culture, respect our neighbors, without feeling like we have to let go of our culture at the same time. I find a recurring issue among Indian-American children is as they grow older they feel like they have to let go of Indian Culture to fit in, and sometimes causes confusion in their mind on who they are. Many times they face issues in school on being Indian, issues with learning & speaking their native language, and so many others. The goal is have an environment to discuss these common issues & help them overcome. This is possible when children have a community of like-minded folks around them as well as have access to Indian- American youth & young adults who have walked the same path, who are just like them, and are able to provide a form of mentorship, and experience embracing Indian Culture; which is the mission of Meri Sanskriti.

Here at Meri Sanskriti:

-Your child will learn spoken Hindi( our national language which sometimes gets lost in the mix of trying to get kids to learn their mother-tongue and English)

– Learn all aspects of Indian culture(Dance, Festivals, Food, Country Knowledge, and Language basics)

-Learn how to embrace our culture in America

-Have access to youth mentors

-Learn how to handle stress & add positivity to your life through yoga techniques

-Be part of an uplifting community focused on self development

About Amruta

Amruta Panth has been affiliated with Chinmaya Mission since she was a young child. She has grown up in the D.C-Metro area and went to Marymount University for her Undergrad in Marketing. She currently works in Project Management with the Government and is an Indian Classical Dancer, Dance Choreographer, and part of a business mentorship team.

“Growing up I always had a strong affinity for India, heritage, & culture and I also know how hard it was being in an environment where you grow up learning Indian values, yet when exposed to the outside world, you often get confused as an Indian-American child. Sometimes it may become hard to explain to others what your culture is, you maybe curious about other cultures but not have a safe opportunity to understand what lies outside of Indian Culture,and not understand how to fully embrace your culture while still respecting other cultures here in America. I personally felt this growing up and also have witnessed many Indian-Americans move away from culture due to some of these very reasons and later desire to come back and embrace it. My goal is to create a platform where the Indian-American youth walk out of every class feeling proud of their heritage and empowered to embrace that aspect of themselves while being in America”


May 13 2019
Meri Sanskriti


Meri Sanskriti