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Nyasa, to me means a place to rest, a pause to draw from.

I am Varun Shirish Chitnis, I have worked with children for the past six years through mostly individual piano lessons, and also music summer camps, ensembles, bands, Montessori, and elementary school classes.

With each growing child, it is a new experience every day. Latching on to where they are coming from, and helping them explore themselves through music in duration of 30 or 45 minutes is a great ride.

The music I teach consists of standard classical piano levels, classical pieces by the masters, and numerous arrangements of Indian film songs, and anything else we mutually agree on.

My goal with Nyasa is, to sustainably grow into a place, and a state of mind where people can gather, and commune with nature through activities such as hiking, growing food, music concerts featuring local artists, informative trips and hikes, art, making things with our hands,meditation, social work etc.

For now, I can put together an eclectic group of like-minded musician-artist-dramatist friends who can take on the responsibility of connecting music, and teaching styles of India and the West, and make music relevant and purposeful for the children and parents. A musical after school program at Chinmaya Somnath could be a great place to be, and I am confident kids will have a great time.


May 13 2019
Nyasa Music


Nyasa Music