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Raagmatazz provides an excellent and distinguished platform to learn and perform Carnatic Violin. Violin is often known as the “Queen of Stringed Instruments” is a very versatile instrument which can accompany a vocalist the closest and also lead an ensemble of instruments or an entire symphony. Raagmatazz enables you to learn this supreme musical forms of Carnatic Violin, where students will be able to feel the divinity in Carnatic music. As part of Raagmataaz, students will learn violin’s contribution to world music and the beauty of Fusion between Western and Carnatic music.

Viswanath Vinnakota learnt violin under Shri. Ashok Gurjale ji in Hyderabad, India. He has performed in many shows in Carnatic and fusion music. He also composes music for private albums and upcoming short films. It’s his passion to spread the knowledge about Carnatic music across the world that made him take up teaching.

Raagmatazz is very thankful to Chinmaya Somnath Learning Center to provide an avenue to spread the knowledge of one of the most profound form of music ‘Carnatic Music’. This will be a great opportunity for any one who is interested and passionate about learning Carnatic Violin music.


May 13 2019
Violin Raagmataaz


Violin Raagmataaz