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Rekha Parameswaran was fortunate to be born in a family with a strong musical lineage. She started learning Carnatic music at the age of 8 in Mumbai under the able tutelage of Smt. Chandra Ramaswamy. She has performed in many stage shows growing up, both in the community and in school as well. After moving to the US, Rekha has continued to learn and evolve in Carnatic music under the grace of celebrated vocal artist Smt. Maragatham Ramaswamy. Rekha firmly believes that learning is a never ending process and takes great pride and joy in continuing her musical journey. With over 15 years of classical Carnatic music training under her belt and fervent requests from family and friends to teach, Rekha has now founded “Vishruti”, a sangeetham class for both children and adults.

The mission of Vishruti, is to help propagate Carnatic classical music as it relates to an ever changing modern world. The classes provide a blend of classical instruction and light music vocals with great attention to shruti, laya and taalam. With a keen focus to shape voices, young and old, and help them capture the melody within, Vishruti is humbled to partner with Chinmaya Learning Center to serve the community’s needs in northern VA.


May 13 2019
Vishruthi Sangeetham


Vishruthi Sangeetham
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